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Orangery Solutions – Built On The Strongest Foundations

A Self-Build Overview from Paul Nellis Managing Director at Orangery Solutions Ltd

Orangeries, without doubt add a striking appearance to any property when constructed properly.  The finished look adds an alluring charm to most homes adding not only a touch of grandeur but more importantly it increases the value of the home substantially.

For years installers have recognized that the orangery is considered a premium investment that can be enjoyed as a room for relaxation, every day of the year if so desired and sell it as such.  For the self-builder it is an achievement of style, luxury and guaranteed added value. However, this can only be achieved successfully, if the guarantees are as solid as the core structure and the foundations they are built upon.  These are what give the ultimate in assurance and lead to positive results and a return on investment.

It is imperative that the structure is fortified and built to last which means careful research at the planning stage.  Calculating structural integrity is as important as calculating the budget when it comes to building an orangery.

While brick pillars are very strong under the compression of a downward force, they are very weak laterally when a side force is applied. Structural integrity therefore is vital for any self-build project if problems are to be avoided later.

Some companies manufacture “improvised versions” of orangeries having not taken into account all the structural loads and calculations that will be required to keep the structure safe and to stop cracks from appearing after the ‘settling period’.

Every self-build project must be guaranteed to withstand the toughest weathering if there is to be a return on investment. The patented cassette system that was introduced by Orangery Solutions offers many structural advantages over alternatives and is proven to withstand a one tonne side load with ease.

Working to meet architects specifications can be a building minefield as careful analysis is required at the structural planning stage. For this reason it is imperative to evaluate suppliers carefully to ensure viable calculations and product guarantees can be verified.  Structural calculations are arguably the most important element to consider before any further expenditure is incurred.

The development of detailed drawings and calculations are imperative for a successful build however it all comes down to professional expertise and advice combined with a broad vision for the finished project to achieve that final unique touch to which everyone aspires.

Paul Nellis, Managing Director at Orangery Solutions comments “Every Orangery Solutions project is provided with full structural calculations and working drawings including a foundation layout with full technical assistance given after careful analysis of the ground area to be built upon.  This way nothing can be overlooked.”

Any services to be incorporated into the project must also be taken into account before subfloors and construction can commence. Here orangery calculations come into their own as any potential risk areas are eliminated, reducing the need for additional money to be spent in respect of technical adjustments. As such, the company offers the only truly complete solution which guarantees total structural integrity, for the roof and side walls.

Self-build projects become much easier using systems such as the patented cassette system from Orangery Solutions, which eliminates the need for different trades people to be involved and halves the cost as well as the time to finish the installation.

One area which has always caused consternation regarding the completion of an orangery is the roofing, which can have major limitations during the installation phase due to bad weather.  A lot of research and development has gone into the orangery roofing aspect which Orangery Solutions has worked on over a number of years.

Using a proven aluminium system can speed up completion greatly. Typically, the entire roof structure can be finished and glazed in two days. The patented Orangery Solutions flat roof finish utilizes a dry fit aluminium flashing system that can be installed rapidly in any weather conditions without causing delays. This is a major benefit compared to traditional flat roof finishes such as lead, grp or single ply membrane.

The external finishes are equally important to the overall appearance and blend of the finished project. Realising that the finished orangery must be commensurate throughout it is vital to evaluate the ‘final touch’ to ensure that it not only blends to achieve the desired result but that it will last.

Choices of fascias manufactured in either GRP or powder coated aluminium will guarantee to complete the project perfectly. Traditional or ultra modern aluminium fascia options are available to complement all property types that give an overall superior appearance to the finished project.

With investment in orangeries increasing, self-builders have a clear advantage using a guaranteed system such as the one from Orangery Solutions which gives the benefit of adding both space and value without costly errors involved.

Paul Nellis., Managing Director at Orangery Solutions comments, “Those making higher end investments also want the guarantees associated with premium products which cannot always be assured structurally.

He continues, “As the orangery market appears to be moving forward with a steady rise in demand more recently, it is clear that the self-build market has huge potential if the guarantees can be substantiated by solid final results. We have seen a consistent steady rise in demand for our products and services as bespoke installations have become increasingly popular particularly at the higher end of the market.

Paul concludes, “Without doubt, orangeries make really stunning extensions, which homeowners have grasped, seeing the benefits of stylish design along with the advantages of year round use.  For these types of projects our suite of products  provides huge benefits, which gives significant peace of mind in respect of the finished product and overall guarantees.”

For more information on the Orangery Solutions System please call 01904 786629 or visit the website www.orangery-solutions.com .